The First Buzz

I told my mother that I was going to the movies with a friend,

and needed about 10 bucks

so I could pay for the movie

and some popcorn.

When my mom dropped me off at the theatre,

my buddy was sitting outside, waiting for my arrival.

As my mother drove off,

my friend asked me if I wanted to just skip the movie

and split a bag of herb.

I had never smoked weed in my life

and really didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

I didn’t want him to think that I was some kind of loser,

so I said, “Sure, to hell with the movie.”

Next thing I know, Doug (my friend—yeah, right)

stole some rolling papers from the drugstore,

and we proceeded to wander off into the woods

behind the movie theatre.

So here I am, sitting in the woods,

watching Doug roll what would be the first joint

to ever cross my path.

I remember it being dark,

so I really didn’t get a good look

at what was in the plastic baggy.

By this time, I knew that we were about to smoke pot,

and I started to get a little nervous.

All these thoughts and tales of drugs

that I had been told in school and by my parents

began racing through my head.

Now the joint was burning,

and I remember watching Doug smoke it,

but not how you smoke a cigarette.

He was taking enormous puffs,

holding them in as long as he could and coughing furiously.

After he hit it a few times, he passed the joint my way,

and butterflies rocked my stomach.

I smoked cigarettes, so I knew how to inhale smoke,

but the first time I hit the joint, I exhaled too fast.

Doug was quick to tell me that I needed to “hold it in.”

So, I did.


we finished blazing the joint

and walked out of the woods,

back to the theatre.

We had been sitting down

when we were smoking,

and I really didn’t feel any kind of high whatsoever.


when I got up and started walking, it all hit me at once.

I felt like I was walking beside myself,

like I was floating.

Then I just started laughing for no reason.

Everything seemed hilarious,

and I realized that I loved everything about being high.

My mother picked me up from the theatre

and had no idea that

I was higher than a kite.

I think I laughed all the way home,

and when I got home,

I ate a whole bag of potato chips dipped in ketchup.

I remember sleeping like a baby that night,

and when I woke up, I called Doug to check and see

if there was any weed left over.

Since I paid for half of the bag,

I wanted my half.

I went by his house,

and he put my half in a separate bag,

and just like that,

I was hooked.