What do Micah Felcman and Caitlyn Jenner, deceased heroin addict and Olympic gold medalist, share in common?

Rarely can I escape news of the latest heroin overdose, death, conviction, suicide or ‘new’ type of person lured in to America’s deadliest drug epidemic of recent ages. Likewise news of Caitlyn Jenner has social media, newspapers, radio, and grocery store checkout lines ablaze. What is it about these topics that are creating such a stir? Better yet, why now? My answer is: the human condition and our call to growth through change

What, specifically, about our human condition? From my perspective and experience, I see that a soul is a soul, independent of gender or addiction. Each is a part of Divine creation and is loved beyond measure. One of Micah’s most profound messages in his afterlife communication was the soul’s journey is the responsibility of the soul as are the affects it has on every other being on Earth and elsewhere. He mentioned that we, on the physical side, have no idea how far things you do go on this, the non-physical, side. Our job is not to judge or have pity on that soul, but to support that being just as we would desire to be supported if the tables were turned. It is not an individual’s job to take away any lesson(s) the soul is here to receive or to give.

Why now? I sense a deeper calling and opportunity to connect to the place where spirit and matter intersect, where unconditional love can be experienced and awareness of each human’s greater potential is practiced more and more each day. The time when we as humans desire to get closer and closer to the essence of our true nature and who we are created to be and move further away from our judgmental selves is the time when we can view another’s journey with respect and honor, not fear, anger or pity. It is at that moment when we will have changed. In the meantime, we are unknowingly being disrespectful to the individual’s soul journey and are creating lower frequencies of sadness, pity, fear and judgement all around us.

* “We live in a period of accelerated spiritual awakening. Part of that awakening is a shift from body-personality consciousness to soul consciousness. Bruce Jenner is facilitating that shift in a profound and most courageous way. His soul is saying to us, “Look beyond the body to the eternal being within. See me. See my essence. I am soul. And so are you.”  
In a recent interview, Jenner said, “What I’m doing is going to do the world some good. I would like to think we could save some lives here. Maybe this is my cause in life. This is why God put me on this earth — to deal with this issue.”
Thank you, Bruce Jenner, for your grace and courage. Thank you for helping us to awaken.”

My dear son, Micah, did not get the public attention Caitlyn is getting, but his messages to society are the same – a call to the awakening of our spiritual nature and elevated consciousness. Micah worked very hard to return in spirit to share the same messages of the soul that Caitlyn Jenner is sharing ‘in form’ today. I deeply honor both journeys.


*excerpt from Robert Schwartz’s newsletter, author of Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift