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National Night of Conversation Addiction and Recovery Resources

Classic+White Dinner+PlateWe are calling on everyone across the country to have dinner with people they care about and to break the silence on drugs and addiction by discussing it. Dependence on alcohol and drugs is a serious national public health problem. Steps are being taken to address the problem on a governmental policy issue, but as a mom who lost a child to heroin addiction, emotional support, open and honest family dialogue play a huge role in preventing addiction as well as supporting recovery. Having the courage to have meaningful discussions about substance abuse, even if we have to look at ourselves in the mirror, can help those around us avoid the disease of addiction. In my experience, this is a topic that most people are not used to talking about or are very uncomfortable approaching.  The Hero in Heroin is a partner in Facing Addiction with Drugs Over Dinner and Dr. Oz in bringing help and resources to facilitate a more in-depth discussion.

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The World We Don’t See

pablo (3)Many readers have asked me what is meant by the “the impact of the invisible on the visible” as the primary message in The Hero in Heroin. I am excited that there is so much interest in this topic that I have decided to start sharing more about it here.

The definition I created is based upon my personal experience, studies, and afterlife communication with Micah. In The Hero in Heroin Micah returns to make me aware of what we ‘missed’ in healing his addiction while he was in physical form. Simply stated, my definition is the unseen forces that impact and/or control human behavior – thoughts, emotions, beliefs, assumptions, energy fields, consciousness and mind.

Micah’s message of spirit attachment in addiction as the number one thing we, in physical form, are missing is where we have opportunity to learn, awaken, become empowered, and change the impact of addiction at the individual level and in society as a whole.

Over time, I will provide more specific information on this topic. I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments.


Is Death Truly The End?

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. — Kierkegaard

1910495_129613235999_2514565_n-240x300The majority of my life I have had experiences that have indicated to me that we are much more than our physical bodies and until my son, Micah, returned to me in spirit with messages he was learning about healing addiction and the workings of the invisible realm I have kept my mouth shut. But, no more!

As a young girl I questioned what my religion told me – that I am promised life everlasting – but when I asked the authorities just how that happens no one could satisfactorily answer me. As my curiosity grew, I learned of similar concepts in other religions referred to as reincarnation or afterlife. To me it appeared this phenomenon after death is something that exists for all humans and like our belief that the world was flat, the Truth was ultimately revealed. We have a tendency to fear what we don’t know or understand but in Truth there is so much more we don’t know we don’t know than we know.

Admittedly, I was freaked out the first time I was contacted by someone who had passed away! It was my Aunt Kathryn. She scared me so I asked her to leave and she did. Later I learned from her she wanted to be one of my teachers in this space. But over time as these occurrences continued and grew in frequency, my fears lessened. I become aware of the ‘feeling’ or ‘essence’ of the individual as I knew them in physical form. Usually they show up for a reason just as my son did. They don’t show up just to hang out with me unless they are lost. Today, I confidently bridge these worlds for myself and others. If the being is someone I did not know, I simply ask who they are and how can I be of service. While I do not know nor need to know all of the scientific details I remain open to the possibilities and to allowing my consciousness to continue growing.

Week before last I attended the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies 40th Annual Conference – Aspects of Consciousness in Chapel Hill, NC where I was surrounded by top university-based researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists, spiritual teachers and religious scholars who presented their works in the field of afterlife, survival of consciousness, spiritual mysticism, spiritually transformative experiences (STEs), out of body experiences (OBEs) and near death experience (NDEs). Given my personal experiences I consider myself more open to the cutting edges of this work than many but even I almost fell off my chair when one of the presenters discussed spirit attachment and spirit releasement almost verbatim to what my son shared with me from the other side! Micah clearly has purpose in getting the messages of help and healing to us on this side.

As if that weren’t enough, last Tuesday mainstream television broadcast the premier of Proof a fascinating series that addresses what happens when we die. (Tuesdays TNT 10pm EST/9pm CST)

For me, death does not mean the end. I believe we simply transform and our consciousness continues. Feel free to share your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.


What do Micah Felcman and Caitlyn Jenner, deceased heroin addict and Olympic gold medalist, share in common?

Rarely can I escape news of the latest heroin overdose, death, conviction, suicide or ‘new’ type of person lured in to America’s deadliest drug epidemic of recent ages. Likewise news of Caitlyn Jenner has social media, newspapers, radio, and grocery store checkout lines ablaze. What is it about these topics that are creating such a stir? Better yet, why now? My answer is: the human condition and our call to growth through change

What, specifically, about our human condition? From my perspective and experience, I see that a soul is a soul, independent of gender or addiction. Each is a part of Divine creation and is loved beyond measure. One of Micah’s most profound messages in his afterlife communication was the soul’s journey is the responsibility of the soul as are the affects it has on every other being on Earth and elsewhere. He mentioned that we, on the physical side, have no idea how far things you do go on this, the non-physical, side. Our job is not to judge or have pity on that soul, but to support that being just as we would desire to be supported if the tables were turned. It is not an individual’s job to take away any lesson(s) the soul is here to receive or to give.

Why now? I sense a deeper calling and opportunity to connect to the place where spirit and matter intersect, where unconditional love can be experienced and awareness of each human’s greater potential is practiced more and more each day. The time when we as humans desire to get closer and closer to the essence of our true nature and who we are created to be and move further away from our judgmental selves is the time when we can view another’s journey with respect and honor, not fear, anger or pity. It is at that moment when we will have changed. In the meantime, we are unknowingly being disrespectful to the individual’s soul journey and are creating lower frequencies of sadness, pity, fear and judgement all around us.

* “We live in a period of accelerated spiritual awakening. Part of that awakening is a shift from body-personality consciousness to soul consciousness. Bruce Jenner is facilitating that shift in a profound and most courageous way. His soul is saying to us, “Look beyond the body to the eternal being within. See me. See my essence. I am soul. And so are you.”  
In a recent interview, Jenner said, “What I’m doing is going to do the world some good. I would like to think we could save some lives here. Maybe this is my cause in life. This is why God put me on this earth — to deal with this issue.”
Thank you, Bruce Jenner, for your grace and courage. Thank you for helping us to awaken.”

My dear son, Micah, did not get the public attention Caitlyn is getting, but his messages to society are the same – a call to the awakening of our spiritual nature and elevated consciousness. Micah worked very hard to return in spirit to share the same messages of the soul that Caitlyn Jenner is sharing ‘in form’ today. I deeply honor both journeys.


*excerpt from Robert Schwartz’s newsletter, author of Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift