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Message #5 Through the journey with my son, Micah, I have discovered I am a communicator and messenger helping others bridge the connection between worlds and deepen their understanding of the workings of mind, thought, and consciousness

“I am passionate about helping people find meaning in life, relieving unnecessary pain and suffering, and holding the space to help individuals make shifts in their lives that bring inner peace and personal transformation.”

“It is my passion to serve as a catalyst, communicator, and facilitator—and to give back in service to others all that I have learned and experienced in order to help others discover this new balance. The greatest legacies I can leave my family, loved ones, and humanity are spiritual ones: unwavering trust in God’s love and wisdom, steadfast endurance, courage, patience, and hope; the knowledge (the remembering) of the perfect peace that is within us prior to our birth; and the awakening of the potency and power of the spiritual (the formless, the invisible) over the material (the form, the visible).

The healing messages of this book are for humankind, independent of race, religion, culture, or beliefs.

I believe that when we understand why addiction or illness is present in our lives, it becomes possible for us to know and live in peace, harmony, and optimal health. To this end, I have written The Hero in Heroin, in the hope that it will bring light to the invisible epidemic occurring in this country and to provide a new paradigm for healing. “


Message #4 As many people walk the earth that’s how many journeys and pathways there are to soul growth. Likewise there are as many reasons for addiction as there are people who have it.

Excerpts from Part 3 –

The Hero’s Innermost Cave: Writings of Micah Aaron Matthew Felcman


Stuck in This Realm
I ask for a sword

and they treat me like

a madman.

When I speak of swords

I speak of the pen.

The pen is mightier

than the sword.


I love pens like

a madman

loses marbles.

It takes a sword for me

to complete my battles.


When unarmed I’m

quite useless.

When armed I

conquer pages with

Erato at my side.


If presented with the option

I would choose pen over

the sword any day of the week

because my pen speaks in volumes.

Sometimes in volumes even

I cannot understand,

sometimes to put it simply,

it’s complicated.


They watch me as I write

at the bar,

as I smoke cigarettes,

and chug PBR.

I can see the question

in their eyes

as they wonder why I fill

these pages.


In all reality, I don’t

even truly understand why

I feel the need to

fill these pages.

I just know I have to.


When it comes down to

it, it

doesn’t even really

matter as long as the

pen continues running

across the pages—

my madness is put

to rest


the .38 sleeps

for another night.


I wander through these

pages like Christ

roamed through the desert

with no hope of becoming

complete—is irrelevant!


The only difference

is Christ learned a lesson

while I continue to struggle

and slowly make it through

this miserable existence.

I can’t help but be


as I fumble through






and still want more

as I attempt to be true.


But nothing ever happens

so I remain still.

Still as a ghost

as these thoughts

infect my spirit,


and soul.


Forever lost and searching


the true meaning

of time and you

are absolutely no help



So I remain stuck

in this realm and you

could care less

about my head

so you leave me



Message #3 There is a Hero in everyone. Every human being has purpose and is loved beyond measure

Excerpt from Chapter 42 Kitchen Conversation

“I felt he could read my mind because, as my body became laden with a heavy sadness, he abruptly interjected, telling me not to go there in my thoughts, Somehow, he was able to quickly dissipate and remove the feeling I was experiencing. He placed his etheric arms around me and softly said, “Mom, always remember: every soul is responsible for its own journey and affects every other being on Earth and elsewhere. You have no idea how far things you do go on this side. View another’s journey with respect and honor—not fear, anger, or pity. Few realize that sadness and pity are disrespectful to the soul.”

The tone of his communication and the wisdom he showed brought a peaceful smile to my face and gentle warmth to my being. As his essence disappeared, I looked skyward with thanks and gratitude for the healing and understanding he was receiving in his soul’s purification and Life Review—and for his desire to communicate his newfound wisdom to me on this side of the veil. It felt as if he were letting me know that where he was, he was getting all I had tried to teach him and help him with during our incarnate journey together!

Our caduceus of life had just made another touch point. Both of us were healing”.


My Children

(Written after Parker was born in 2007)


I found reality
in the soul of a child.
A child
who radiated love and
captured my heart.

I found truth
purpose in the
eyes of
an infant.


If anything makes
sense in this God forsaken
world . . .

It is my love for my


Message #2 Healing is possible whether on this side or the other side. All beings deserve healing.

Excerpt from Preface

 “There still exists in humanity a primitive fear of the dark and of death that limits our comprehension of love and wisdom. We are here on earth to develop our understanding of these agents of growth and the inherent powers within them. By acknowledging them, we learn how to eliminate our fears and use these powers to experience and work toward unconditional love in the physical realm.

Through the journey of addiction with my son, Micah Aaron Matthew Felcman, I was forced to deal with much darkness and, ultimately, death. But I also learned a great deal about healing: I learned that whatever is lost will be replaced by that which is greater, stronger, and more beneficial to all humans. I learned the truth of the infinite potential within each human. I learned the extremes of duality: form-formless, light-dark, good-bad, black-white, love-hate,—and that each has purpose in God’s creation. I learned that with God, all things are possible, not some things.

Once we are willing to balance the two extremes, we no longer need the pain and suffering of addiction or any other illness to move us from our innate homeostasis and God-given state of equilibrium. We truly have a choice to evolve and experience a higher, more aware perspective.”

 Excerpt from Chapter 31   Hope

 “One thing I learned on this journey of addiction is to never give up hope. As long as there is life, there is hope, and all it takes is a small sliver of light to turn things around. I was happy to support my son in every way possible whenever that sliver appeared”.

Excerpt from Chapter 49  The Agreement

“This revelation was almost more than I could comprehend. Micah seemed to be fighting against all odds to get my attention to fulfill an agreement—still unknown to me—that would break the cycle of addiction in our lineage and also heal a group of beings whose time it was to be complete—restored to wholeness.”

 “In the days that followed, I could not help reflecting on Dr. Taylor’s report from the early nineties, when Micah was so young: “In describing his drawing, Matt suggested a story of an individual with a great deal of self-denial wanting to HELP and HEAL other persons and expressing few fears or inadequacies, and a great deal of self-denial.” Micah’s message is powerful for those who choose to embrace the invisible and who are willing to do the work to heal the invisible epidemic of heroin addiction in today’s society. As mind-blowing and impossible as all of this seems, the Hero did return with information to heal and help others—in a style unique to my beloved Micah Aaron Matthew Felcman.”


Key Messages From The Hero In Heroin

The Hero in Heroin: A Mother and Son’s Journey on Both Sides of the Veil is different from other books about addiction in that the main character returns after death to continue the story and bring messages of healing to those dealing with addiction, loss, and suffering. Over the next few days, I will share certain messages with excerpts from The Hero In Heroin. Please feel free to add other excerpts you may have found that validate the same key message.

Message #1   

To create an awareness of both the impact and influence of spirit on matter [formless on form] through the human energy field. 

Excerpt from Chapter 35 The Bead 

“I turned around to walk into the house to go to the bathroom. When I opened the front door, I noticed an eerie silence and peculiar “air” around me. I continued walking toward the bathroom, when suddenly an object dropped right in front of me from somewhere high above my head! It hit the tile floor, bounced high, and rhythmically made its way toward the dining table, where Micah’s ashes and altar were.

Immediately, I knew Micah was doing his best to get my attention. I chased the bouncing object for what felt like an eternity. Exasperated, I finally managed to grab it— just before it rolled under the dining room hutch. I halted in my footsteps, looking down at a 9 mm bead in my hand. 

No one was in the house. Where would a 9 mm bead come from? Why did it drop right in front of me? Why did it roll toward, rather than away from, the altar and Micah’s ashes? Why did I know and sense it was him trying desperately to get my attention—and what was it for?

The only thing I could do was acknowledge what had just happened. As I did, I taped the bead to the top of the urn holding Micah’s ashes, where it still rests today.”


Excerpt from Chapter 42 Kitchen Conversation

“When he realized I was aware of his presence, he began telepathically communicating with me. What a kick! It was as though we were talking to each other—except our mouths never opened! 

I had refreshed the two vases of flowers and began walking back to the dining table. As I did, he “floated” right beside me, as if he were walking with me. He telepathically showed me the bead that had dropped onto the tile floor back in April 2011. I stopped dead in my tracks, and speaking to the “air” beside me, I exclaimed, “I knew it was you!”

He continued with his messaging, and interestingly, he was able to evoke feelings in me as he communicated. It was as if he were showing me what it felt like for him—which really got my attention. As he continued to project, doing an almost complete replay of the bead incident, he indicated to me that he was always right there with us. He communicated how emotionally painful and deeply hurtful it was to him when we didn’t know he was there and couldn’t see him—and how excruciatingly traumatic it was for him to be so close to his children but at the same time so far away.”


Excerpt from Chapter 49 The Agreement

“One day in early November, while sitting at my desk, I was gently nudged to research Spirit Releasement Therapy…….”

“Surprisingly, the negative energy beings were present also. I was stunned to learn that one of them had been “assigned” to Micah and was most likely the big dark blob that I had seen so frequently when Micah was alive and strung out on heroin.

I continued to follow the practitioner’s lead. I realized in my own consciousness that I could see darkness in light and light in darkness. My heart opened wide, expressing deep compassion for the dark beings who believed they were just doing what they were supposed to be doing. My physical body opened to such an immense level of emotional compassion that I began crying, sobbing for the group of dark beings that had presented themselves for healing and restoration to wholeness.”