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Community Joins in Candid Dialogue About Addiction

I am pleased and honored to participate in another Night of Conversation creating awareness A Night of Conversationof and dialogue around the facets of drug addiction that plague our communities. Prescription opioids and heroin are each components of a larger epidemic of opioid related disorders and death. By viewing them from a unified perspective we are better positioned to assist in the change necessary to improve public health. The perniciousness of this epidemic requires a multi-pronged educational and interventional approach that engages all sectors of society. Please join me and the community of  Mooresville and Iredell County in North Carolina Sunday evening, February 28th, 6-8PM to have your voice heard and to learn what’s going on in your own backyard. See flyer for details.


Mindy Miralia author of The Hero in Heroin & Emi Kirschner Holistic Health Coach

Mindy Miralia author of The Hero in Heroin, shares her journey. Mindy shows how to find meaning and transformation even in the worst situations. To get ger amazing book:

To consult, attend Mindy’s workshops or have her come speak, check out her website at:

Emi Kirschner certified Holistic Health Coach on the importance of healthy eating habits for success life and business, and how to eat healthy on any budget.

Charismatic Health Coach Emi Kirschner inspires and guides entrepreneurs and key executives to finally achieve a permanent sense of well-being and mindfulness that will enhance your health, your business, and your life.

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Judge’s Commentary 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self Published Book Awards

The Hero in Heroin by Mindy Miralia is a thought-provoking testimony to the wdlogo
power of a mother-child relationship. Miralia recounts her son Matthew’s life from conception (she didn’t think she could have children) to his early death by his own hand as a young adult.



Important Dates in November 2015


The Hero in Heroin is proud to partner with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Facing Addiction and Drugs Over Dinner in a campaign called #nightofconversation, a national project to get families talking about drugs.

November 10th, Dr. Mehmet Oz will once again shine a spotlight on the addiction crisis sweeping the country. U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and actress Mackenzie Phillips will join the nationally syndicated show.

Tuesday’s Dr. Oz show will describe a project, in conjunction with Facing Addiction ( and Drugs Over Dinner ( to hold a National Night of Conversation on Thursday, November 19th.

On this night, we are asking folks to have a conversation about addiction with the people around their dinner tables. The Dr. Oz Show team developed a parental discussion guide to help with the conversation. It can be found at The guide was created with assistance from Facing Addiction, SAMHSA, NIDA, and the National Council on Behavioral Health.

The empty dinner plate symbolizes support for this national turning point in our willingness to face addiction and indicates that this particular meal is not about the food. It’s about the conversation.