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Cottage Country Reflections Book Review

This is the story of a hero’s journey—of dark and light, addiction and recovery, life and death and the afterlife. It is a story of sorrow and redemption, the bond between a mother and son, and the legacy of addiction that they heal together after her son crosses to the “other side.”

The Hero in Heroin is Mindy Miralia’s honest telling of her life as an international businesswoman who constantly strove to be the best parent possible despite her family’s constant uprooting from one part of the globe to another—moves that were demanded by work.

Read the full review here: Cottage Country Reflections: The Hero in Heroin

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Journey for Truth with Tami Urbanek

I realized Micah was using drugs when he was a teenager. I tried to help him, but he progressed to heroin in his twenties.

I tried everything from western medicine to eastern medicine. He wanted help, he accepted help, but the call of heroin was overpowering. He eventually overdosed. Before his death, however, we were able to begin the book, The Hero In Heroin.

Listen to my interview on my experiences and what Micah’s spirit came back to tell her about his physical addiction.


Time Warner Cable North Carolina Special Report: Heroin – The Deadly High

In a special report, Time Warner Cable News (North Carolina) reporter Kate Gaier takes a closer look at the heroin trade in North Carolina, and the impact it has on communities.

Part 1 takes a closer look at how investigators fight the Deadly High. Part 2 shows how emergency responders and the fire department are being forced to adapt to the growing issue of heroin overdose deaths. Part 3 explains heroin’s impact on families and features an interview with myself as I describe my son Micah’s battle with heroin addiction.

Links to all 3 parts of the report are listed below.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3: