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National Night of Conversation Addiction and Recovery Resources

Classic+White Dinner+PlateWe are calling on everyone across the country to have dinner with people they care about and to break the silence on drugs and addiction by discussing it. Dependence on alcohol and drugs is a serious national public health problem. Steps are being taken to address the problem on a governmental policy issue, but as a mom who lost a child to heroin addiction, emotional support, open and honest family dialogue play a huge role in preventing addiction as well as supporting recovery. Having the courage to have meaningful discussions about substance abuse, even if we have to look at ourselves in the mirror, can help those around us avoid the disease of addiction. In my experience, this is a topic that most people are not used to talking about or are very uncomfortable approaching.  The Hero in Heroin is a partner in Facing Addiction with Drugs Over Dinner and Dr. Oz in bringing help and resources to facilitate a more in-depth discussion.

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