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Judge’s Commentary 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self Published Book Awards

The Hero in Heroin by Mindy Miralia is a thought-provoking testimony to the wdlogo
power of a mother-child relationship. Miralia recounts her son Matthew’s life from conception (she didn’t think she could have children) to his early death by his own hand as a young adult.



The Hero In Heroin Featured Online at The Edge


The Edge explores all aspects of holistic living — the experience of living authentically, the integrative approaches of complementary healing, eating consciously, the arts, metaphysics and the intuitive arts, our integral connection with nature, spirituality and the mysteries beyond.

The Edge is committed to sharing information, wisdom and resources with its readers. And, we are committed to businesses, organizations and individuals who support our collective journey to wholeness and balance.  The Edge Magazine publishes a post online that shares brief descriptions of new books, music and video that are in alignment with our commitment, and we are pleased to announce that our Fall Books and Music selections includes your title, The Hero in Heroin

Our Fall Books & Music post is now online at:


The Edge has been exploring the edge of consciousness and offering resources on body, mind, and soul in the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest USA since 1992.

Congratulations, Mindy Miralia!

Tim Miejan

Editor & Publisher, The Edge: Holistic Living